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Boerboels Breeding Program

A small breeding program of Boerboels in Autauga County, AL, with the primary goal to produce quality puppies that can be companions as well as guardians of the home. Our dogs live in a family environment and are exposed to different encounters and experiences through early socialization. Exposure to new sights, sounds,  and environments is beneficial to a dog’s mental growth. Therefore  contributing to positive behavior and reducing the chances of a dog becoming anxious or insecure in certain situations . It also improves the ability of the dog to discern threats, as this breed is known to be a natural protector. Our children are often included in the dogs care and are instructed on appropriate handling and play behaviors. Our dogs are expected to be obedient and mindful to the children. This process allows for a mutual respect between the dog and family. The Boerboel is an intelligent breed and is very affectionate with the family if given appropriate handling and training. 

The Boerboel, originally a farmers dog of South Africa which was used to protect homesteads, guarding purposes, and performed as a working dog in the 1600s. Some may have been used for hunting purposes as well. It was a combination of mastiff and bull-type dogs which were bred into native dogs in the area. It became known as a Boer Dog, Boer meaning farmer.

Boerboel Breed & Standard

The Boerboel is known to be an even tempered dog that is consistently obedient, reliable, protective, and very intelligent. It’s physical appearance is a large well muscled dog, strong and with good movement despite his large size. There are differences in appearance between male and females dogs, and they are a reflection each gender. Males are expected to be distinctly masculine (ie… broad chest & head), and females should have a softer more feminine appearance. Average height for a male should be 26 inches and females slightly at about 23 inches. Typically heavier dogs, and their weight can vary from 100 to 200lbs and of course this is dependent on the sex and an individual dogs overall frame. The head is large, square, and well filled. 

The dogs over all features and expressions can be quite intimidating for those not used to mastiff breeds! The tails are typically docked for this breed, although not always and may be left at it’s natural length if preferred by the breeder. This breed  usually has short hair, which comes in different varieties of color. Different shades of fawn, brown, red, black, brindle, piebald and irish markings. It is also common to see a dark facial masking on solid colored dogs. For more information on the breed standard please reference  the breed organization or kennel club websites, and there is also a variety of literature on the Boerboel breed online and in printed sources.


The head is an impressive and distinctive feature of the Boerboel. It should be blocky, broad, deep, square, and muscular, with well-filled cheeks and in proportion to the body. Moderate wrinkling is observed over the forehead when the dog shows interest.


The body is blocky, muscular, and solid, with good depth and width. The back is broad and straight, with pronounced muscles.


The coat is short, dense, smooth, and shiny. The skin is thick and loose but fits smoothly. Skin is well pigmented.


The forelegs are strong-boned, with well-defined muscles. Viewed from the side the forearm should be vertical from the elbow to the pastern. When viewed from the front they should be parallel to each other, not bowed or with toes turning inward. Elbows should be held close to the body.


The hindquarter is sturdy and muscular. The hind legs are strong-boned. The stifle should be sound, strong and moderately angulated and in balance with the forequarters, to support the powerful propulsion from the hindquarters during movement.
Boerboel Breed

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OK Elite Deja (Beauty)


*Dogs receive health testing prior to breeding that includes reproductive exam, eyes, hips, elbows, and basic cardiac exam.

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Adoption Process

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Before purchasing a Boerboel puppy, an application is not required, however, we conduct an interview to get to know potential families. This assists with determining if the puppy would be a good fit for your lifestyle or family environment. Due to many circumstances, the best way to accomplish this is by teleconference.

Some of the topics of discussion will include, but not limited to:

  • Introduction of family members & other pets in the home
  • Time management and a new puppy
  • Health and care requirements 
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Once approved for an adoption families will be able to view photos and videos of puppies as they mature and we will assist with their puppy selection. Each puppy will be registered, microchipped, and have up-to-date health care before going to their new home. If new families reside within reasonable distance puppies will be delivered for a modest fee. If residing out of state, we can also assist with your travel arrangements.


 *Please send an email inquiry for puppies that may be currently available.

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